...because a home inspection is more than checking a box.

Communication is our most important tool. The information discovered during your home inspection is useless until it is communicated and understandable to you. Our easy-to-read WellHouse home inspection report simplifies your job of reading and understanding the information.

The WellHouse Report has been designed to exceed the standards of ASHI. It is quick and easy-to-read like a check box report but has the depth and detail of a narrative style report. The WellHouse Report is written in plain English. The report is organized into building systems with specialized and hard-to-read terminology avoided whenever possible. "Observed Conditions" items are numbered for quick and easy reference which simplifies your communication of the report to a third-party.

We can provide you with a sophisticated and individualized reporting because of cutting-edge technology. Our software inspection system, WinSpect, was specifically developed for use on field (pen) computers and is the culmination of years of development and testing. It is for the exclusive use of WellHouse inspectors. This awesome tool improves the inspector's accuracy, knowledge base and speed. Your finished report is a sophisticated document complete with very detailed observations that you can quickly skim-through or read in-depth.

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