Seller's Role
WellHouse was founded in 1990 to provide homebuyers and homeowners with accurate and unbiased information about their homes. To assure you of this, and to prevent any perception of a conflict-of-interest, we do NOT provide repairs to the houses that we inspect.

Buyer's Role
Your job as a home buyer or home seller is to gather and assemble the varied pieces of information received from each of your consultants. Your home inspector along with your appraiser, termite inspector and possibly others can each provide you with a piece of the total picture. You, with assistance from your Realtor, will then be uniquely positioned to make informed decisions.

Home Inspector's Role
A home inspector's job is to examine and discover a homes physical condition and to communicate that information to you, the client. With a WellHouse inspection and report you will have a better understanding of the houses condition. Then you can make an informed purchase decision.


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